Friday is for Friends and Family

19 09 2008

Today is Friday, so as has become the custom elsewhere in the blogosphere, I will be using it to highlight some friends  and colleagues I “hang out” with on the web too, along with a potential item or two regarding family.  A reminder: while these things are posted here, their presence does not represent an endorsement or agreement with all you may find on their sights.

In regards to my last post on “iChurch” and the mention of several books dealing with the need for “real” Christians vs. “religious” Christians, here’s Scot McKnight’s review of Rob Bell’s latest book, which carries a similar title, Jesus Wants to Save Christians

Jack Allen, professor at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, has just come through the aftermath of Hurricane Gustav.  As a result, in reflection he has written about “3 Lessons When Facing Doom” here

My friend, Bob Roberts, Jr., reminds us all, though, that’s it’s not about books, conferences or classes…it’s about Jesus.

On a lighter note, Adam Feldman, church planter here in Maryland is an avid Alabama Crimson Tide fan, as am I.  Here’s his posted predictions for the upcoming season.  So far, he’s 3-0…

Dan Kimball is the “master of the rockabilly hairdo.”  How does he do it?  Here’s the latest on his hair dilemma from Dan.

And finally, my “at home” kids have been captured by the nonsensical hillarity of this YouTube video.  You’ll get the impact even though the words are in German…Can you believe there have been over 2.0 million viewings of this?!



2 responses

20 09 2008

Hey I love that video! Don’t know how i feel about the hairdo tho…

11 10 2008

good thing i missed the uga/bama call! 6-0! RTR!

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