Reunion Time

8 08 2010

If you’ve followed this site at all, you know that over the past year and a half, I have attempted to locate the almost thirty individuals who worked with me at the Agape-In in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire during the summers of 1977 and 1978. Most of them have been located, and in addition, I’ve located a few others who worked at the Agape-In during the other ten years or so of its existence.

Staff 1977; all accounted for except Charlie Westbrook (4th from left & Debbie Johnson, last on right)

Each summer students from schools across America–mostly in the south–would spend the summer in groups of about fifteen at the beach. We had amazing, life-changing experiences as we shared life together and saw hundreds of people commit their lives to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

Staff 1978; all accounted for except Beth Browning Hamilton (3rd row on left), Charlotte Ragland (2nd row middle) & Kevin Turner (3rd row right)

In the midst of all the investigative work to find these individuals with whom I served during these two years, we also “found” our host pastor/supervisor for the summers, Rev. William T. Jenkins, formerly pastor at Screven Memorial Baptist Church in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the sponsoring church with the Home Mission Board for the work we did. “Brother Bill” as he was known to us is living with his wife Hellen in Lebanon, Tennessee now. Both of their children also live nearby.

Brother Bill, taken in front of the Agape-In, 1977

All former staffers of the Agape-In have been invited by “Brother Bill” and his wife, Hellen, to a REUNION at their home in Lebanon, Tennessee on the weekend of August 14-15 next month. Many have already indicated they will be there. I will, too. Others of you may find this post and wonder if you can attend. Please consider this your invitation to join us for this special event. If you want to connect with more of us, you can find Agape-In ’77 and Agape-In ’78 groups on Facebook. Or if you prefer, contact me through the comments below and I’ll give you the other details for the reunion event.



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